How to Color Your Way Through The Crazy Holidays With Adult Coloring Books

How To Color Your Way Through The Crazy Holidays

The holiday season is upon us. For you, this may mean hours of airports, driving, cooking, decorating…the list goes on and on. It is easy to become overwhelmed or even stressed during the holidays. Thankfully, you have your secret weapon: coloring books. The holiday season can be a great opportunity to introduce your family to the world […]

A photo of cup of coffee and the text "Does coffee actually make you a more creative thinker?"

Does Coffee Actually Make You A More Creative Thinker?

Coffee, Coloring, and Creativity Now that the weather is getting colder outside, you may be inclined to enjoy a nice, hot cup of coffee. Whether you are snuggled inside with some coloring books, or you are out and about in the winter air, coffee can keep you extra warm and energized. If you are a highly creative […]