6 of the Best Places for A Creative Mind and Better Coloring

Finding Just the Right Spot

Do you find yourself looking for more creative inspiration? Are you stuck in a creative rut? Maybe you just need a change of scenery. Creativity can be found all around us. We just need to know where to look. Next time you feel the urge to color, try some of the places in our list.

6 Spaces and Places to Color with Coffee

Coloring at Home in a Designated ‘Creativity’ Space

This one may seem obvious, but hear us out. While your house, apartment, dorm, etc., may seem like an area full of distractions, it doesn’t have to be. Set aside a space that is ONLY for creativity. Make rules for yourself: no phone, no laptop, no work. Only bring your coloring books, your coloring supplies, and your coffee. That’s it. This area is for you and your mind to explore. Shut the door if you can, pop in some headphones for music if you prefer (nothing too distracting), take a sip of coffee and let the creativity flow.

Set up a quiet spot in your home dedicated to adult coloring books.

Make rules for yourself: no phone, no laptop, no work. Only bring your coloring books, your coloring supplies, and your coffee.

Coloring at the Park

The park can be an excellent place for some coloring. If it’s warm outside, find a shady spot in the grass under a tree, and get to coloring. If it’s a little chilly, bundle up with some cozy sweaters and bring your travel mug of hot coffee. It doesn’t matter if the park is big or small, in the country or in the city; you will find inspiration.

The park can be a great place to bring your adult coloring books.

Coloring in Nature

Don’t just go outside…explore! Take a hike up a hill, adventure in the woods, walk around a lake or pond. It may be challenging to get to some of the best secluded spots out there, but once you arrive with your adult coloring book, it will be worth it. Take in the colors of nature and use them for inspiration. Look closely at the colors of trees, flowers, animals, everything around you. Take those saturations and hues and apply them to your coloring sheets.

Need some inspiration for your adult coloring books? Look to nature!

Don’t just go outside…explore!

Coloring at Your Local Coffee Shop

There is no better place to enjoy a cup of coffee and do some coloring than your local coffee shop. While it may seem like a place full of distractions at first, it doesn’t have to be. Some coffee shop chatter can serve as good background noise. If that doesn’t work for you, put on your headphones and put on some music to help you concentrate. You can also make your own white noise with sites like rainymood.com.

What better place to bring your adult coloring books than your local coffee shop.

Coloring at a Local College Campus

If you happen to live near a public college campus, or you are currently a college student yourself, try bringing your coloring there! Find a place to sit in the quad and do some people watching. Gather some inspiration from what you see and hear. You could even color a page dedicated to the campus colors! Most public colleges are open to the public. Check your local college website to see the best time to visit.

Coloring at the Library

Your local library may be the quietest, most focused place that you can color. Each library is different. Make sure that you can bring in your coffee first and then find a nice quiet nook to focus and color. You can also pick up some art books while you’re there and learn some advanced coloring techniques!

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Try coloring at your local library for some extra quiet time.

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