Does Coffee Actually Make You A More Creative Thinker?

Coffee, Coloring, and Creativity

Now that the weather is getting colder outside, you may be inclined to enjoy a nice, hot cup of coffee. Whether you are snuggled inside with some coloring books, or you are out and about in the winter air, coffee can keep you extra warm and energized. If you are a highly creative person, you may see coffee as an essential part of your creative process. However, there is a bit of a debate regarding coffee and creativity; is coffee helping you come up with new ideas, or preventing you from reaching your full creative potential?

To answer this, let’s look at the benefits that coffee provides.

Coffee can help you focus on your adult coloring books

The Benefits of Coffee

There is no doubt that coffee can make you more alert and potentially more focused. Coffee is a stimulant and can provide that extra boost you need. Coffee works by blocking adenosine receptors in your brain. Adenosine is a chemical signal that your brain produces while it is active. When your brain gets too much adenosine, it tells your body to slow down, making you tired and drowsy.

You may be thinking, “This is great! Coffee keeps me from being tired, allowing me to be more creative!” It sure sounds that way, but the science behind creativity and how we come up with ideas says otherwise.

Coffee can boost your attention and alertness, as well as help you stay focused on coloring

How Coffee Changes Your Creative Thinking

According to an article from the New Yorker, coffee can prevent your brain from following its natural creative thought process. We are typically more creative when we let our minds wander. By allowing our thoughts to drift, we can connect ideas that we may not have discovered otherwise. Coffee has the opposite effect: It prevents your brains from wandering and instead keeps you focused on your current task.

By allowing our thoughts to drift, we can connect ideas that we may not have discovered otherwise.

So what does this boil down to? Should you stop drinking coffee immediately? Well, no, not necessarily. According to how coffee works, coffee may be a great addition to your coloring session. Coloring books take time, patience, and focus – all of which coffee can help achieve. So it may be best to let your mind wander before you start coloring. Maybe try some quiet time or some journaling. Perhaps you can take a brisk walk and get some fresh air. Let your worries go and let you mind wander.

Coffee and coloring books make an excellent combination

The Coffee and Coloring Consensus

According to this research, it may be more beneficial for you to hold off on drinking coffee until you have a creative idea. Once you have a solid, creative path and feel inspired, sit down with you coloring books, your art materials, and your coffee. The caffeine boost will help you focus on the creative idea you came up with just moments earlier. With the added concentration and alertness, your coloring book will end up looking absolutely fantastic. You may even master some advanced coloring techniques! For an added boost of creativity, try coloring in a new place or challenge yourself to unlock your God-given creativity. Go get started with our free coloring pages and let us know if coffee and coloring works for you!

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