How To Color Your Way Through The Crazy Holidays With Adult Coloring Books.

The holiday season is upon us. For you, this may mean hours of airports, driving, cooking, decorating…the list goes on and on. It is easy to become overwhelmed or even stressed during the holidays. Thankfully, you have your secret weapon: coloring books. The holiday season can be a great opportunity to introduce your family to the world of adult coloring books, all while sharing in a fun, stress-free, interactive activity.

Introducing Coloring To Your Family

You may be one of those rare people that has a family of coloring book lovers. (If so, you can skip ahead to the bottom of this article and share you work with us). For the majority of coloring book fans out there, we probably have family that has either never tried adult coloring books before, or has simply shown disinterest in trying them. The great thing about coloring books is that they are relatable to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, or if you don’t think you are creative or talented. Adult coloring books are an activity that everyone can enjoy around the dinner table. Even if you have years of coloring experience or you haven’t colored since grade school, coloring is for you.

Dinner with family is a great time to talk about adult coloring books.If you have older relatives, tell them about the benefits of coloring. For the elderly, coloring can improve hand-eye coordination, improves dexterity, and can help train fine-motor skills. It is also a great mental exercise that promotes concentration, creativity, and focus.

Maybe you have a parent, sibling, aunt, uncle or other family members that have dismissed adult coloring books as “childish”. You can tell them about the mental benefits that coloring books can provide, including reducing anxiety, relieving stress, creating focus and promoting mindfulness. Bring a few of our free coloring pages with you for them to try. A stress-free coloring activity might be just the thing they need. You can even talk and catch up on each other’s lives while you color.

For your younger relatives, they may be naturally born coloring book artists. You may get bonus points with them for bringing along your own coloring book and coloring materials to join them in coloring. They may think you are the coolest relative there simply because you are coloring with them.

Getting Creative With Holiday Coloring

Need some inspiration for your next coloring page? Trying using the holidays as your inspiration! For instance, you could dedicate a coloring page to Thanksgiving: keep your color palette focused on warm fall colors. Try to utilize a lot of reds, yellows, oranges, and browns. You can really make your coloring creation stand out by writing what you are thankful for around your coloring page.

For Christmas, try to focus on different reds and greens for your color palette. You can also try to make a snowy scene by focusing on blues and grays. You could even make your own Christmas advent calendar. Spend 25 days coloring the same page; coloring a small section of it each day, then finish the final touches on Christmas Day!

Use Christmas decorations for your adult coloring book inspiration.

You can also choose a palette based on Christmas decorations that have a significant meaning in their color. For instance, dedicate a section of your coloring pages to the red and white of candy canes. Or perhaps you can make a section dedicated to the traditional advent colors of blue, purple and gold. You can also go crazy with fun, colorful Christmas light colors!

If you need some extra Christmas coloring inspiration, check out our brand new adult coloring book based on Max Lucado’s Because of Bethlehem. It is full of Christmas scenes including the nativity, snowy hills, Christmas cookies, angels, and more! Our free pages have some updated images from the book that you can try out.

Max Lucado's Because of Bethlehem Coloring Book.

Give the Gift of Coloring Books

Consider giving a family member a coloring book this Christmas. You can really go all out and give them a creative coloring art bundle, including colored pencils, coloring books, tea or coffee, and some delicious snacks. Maybe you can throw in a new music album they like or a snuggly blanket they can use to keep warm. The best part about an adult coloring book Christmas present is that you can get started right away! Bring your own coloring book and encourage them to color with you. They can also take their new coloring book with them on planes or trains. No matter what, perhaps the greatest gift you can give this holiday season is spending time with family.

Download your own free coloring page, then share your experience with us!

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