Barbara from Twitter took our offer to try one of our free coloring pages. See what Barbara created in her excellent review!

Barbara shares her coloring page of elephants.

Barbara’s Coloring Stats

Source: Free downloadable sheets from Amazing Grace and All Creatures of Our God and King

Time: 1.5 hours

Materials: Gel pens, Sharpie fine point pens, and Crayola markers

How did you hear about Coloring Faith?

I was sent the link on Twitter. I was excited and looked at it and saw some cool pages.

Barbara sharing her thank for the free coloring pages on Twitter.

What was your experience during your coloring session?

I loved it! If I can get free pages that I can share with people at church and my viewers and with my niece and nephew then it is great. It also helps me relax and remove my anxiety. I use it to keep calm since I have ADHD and PTSD. It brings me back down and keeps me centered and in the right positive place that I need in mind.

Anything it made you think about?

I thought about how God gives us so many blessings. The elephant page reminded me of Noah’s Ark, the rainbow coming back out, and how God made all the animals.

Any rhyme or reason behind your color choices?

I just like using every color that I have because God loves all colors of life.

Transcription: Hi everybody, welcome back. This is another video that I’ve been asked to do by a website. It’s called Coloring Faith. If you’re a Christian, and you like to color, and you want free adult coloring sheets, well I’ve got just the thing for you.

There’s this one, which I represented as a rainbow and the story of the burning bush. I have this one, which reminds me of Noah’s Ark and the animals coming two by two. And I have this one, which I took as all the different seas, and the layers of the Bible, and how God walked on the water. So that’s how I took this piece.

So I hope you go to and check out their site. And at the top, on their homepage it will say “Free Downloadable Color Sheets“. Click there, hit download, and then it will come up. And if you’re new, go ahead and hit the subscribe button below, give it a thumbs up. Tell me which one of my coloring sheets you like, or one you’ve done that you like.

While I was doing these coloring sheets, I was listening to all my favorite vloggers. I was thinking about my Beth Moore study for today. I was listening to a tv show on different topics. So, I was just relaxing here in my room while coloring and doing my normal activities of the day. We will see you later. Bye!

Thanks for sharing Barbara!

Download your own free coloring page, then share your experience with us!

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