Sherri shows her coloring creations using vivid colors and creative concepts! See Sherri’s work from the Amazing Grace coloring book.

Amazing Grace Bee Hive by Coloring Faith

Sherri’s Coloring Stats

Source: Amazing Grace

Time: ~ 3 hours each/multiple days

Materials: Cra-Z-art Bold Washable Markers

What affect does coloring have on you?

Coloring relaxes me. It allows me to forget about the other things going on in my life and just “be”. Afterwards I feel rested, refreshed and renewed.

What did each coloring page make you think about?

Each page caused me to think about how the subject fit into God’s creation.

The Beehive: I imagined how this tiny, little creature must have felt on Noah’s ark amidst all the bigger animals. The range of creatures that God created amazes me: from an elephant to a bumblebee!Amazing Grace Roses by Coloring Faith

The Ring of Flowers: I’m not sure this picture was meant to be a crown of thorns. I chose to color it that way to portray the pain that Christ endured for us through the sharp, brown thorns and the beauty of his sacrifice for us through the colorful, cheerful flowers.

The Sunshine: I loved coloring this picture because I relish basking in the warmth of the sun. It always cheers me, and causes me to thank God for this wonderful creation that sustains our agriculture and brings me so much personal joy.

I also reflected on my mother teaching me to color when I was a child, and my childhood friends and I coloring together. This hobby has brought back some wonderful memories for me that I had not thought of in a long time!

Any rhyme or reason behind your color choices?

For the Beehive, I chose realistic colors.

For the Ring of Flowers, I made the thorns stand out by coloring them dark brown so they would contrast against the vivid reds, oranges and pinks of the flowers.

Finally, for the Sunshine, instead of using traditional colors, I wanted to make the sun and its rays look like stained glass. I adore seeing the sun shine through stained glass windows at church. Amazing Grace Sunshine by Coloring Faith

Thanks for sharing Sherri!

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