Mandy shares her work from It is Well with my Soul by Zondervan, contemplating what it means to be grateful in adversity.

  Mandy's finished coloring share from "It is Well with my Soul"


</p> <h3>Mandy's Coloring Stats</h3> <p>

Source: It is Well with my Soul

Materials: Mixed media:  Magic Markers and Staedtler Ergo Soft colored pencils.

No. of Sessions: 1

Mandy from Nashville, TN Shares her Coloring Experience

How long did it take you to color this page?

It took me 2 hours to complete.

What effect did your coloring session(s) have on you?

It was a lot of fun. It was a nice distraction from other things I probably should have been doing, but this was a needed creative outlet.

What came to mind as you colored this page?

I love the story behind this song. The author wrote it after losing four children in a shipwreck in the 1800’s. I admire faith that can still be grateful in the midst of such heartbreak and suffering.

Mandy's shared coloring work from "It is Well with My Soul"

Any rhyme or reason behind your color choices?

I like blues and greens a lot, and ended up using those shades a lot.


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