Read about Katherine’s experience coloring stained glass in Amazing Grace by Zondervan.

Katherine's finished coloring project of stained glass from Amazing Grace by Zondervan.

Shared Christian Coloring Work from Katherine in Nashville

</p> <h3>Katherine's Coloring Stats</h3> <p>

Source: Amazing Grace

Materials: Staedler ergosoft colored pencils

No. of Sessions: Multiple

Katherine’s Experience With Faith-Based Adult Coloring

How long did it take you to color this page?

I spaced it out over several days. It made for a nice break whenever I needed a breather.

What effect did your coloring session(s) have on you?

This picture was particularly fun as it wasn’t too intricate, yet it had enough detail to keep it interesting.

What came to mind as you colored this page?

It reminded me of stained glass windows I’ve seen in churches, so I thought about the sacredness and beauty they represent.

Any rhyme or reason behind your color choices?

I was trying to emulate what I had seen in real windows, so I gravitated more toward vibrant colors and less toward pastels.


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