A young girl paints on the floor.

10 Ways to Unlock Your God-Given Creativity

FacebookGoogleTwitterPinterestBy Toni Birdsong Think you aren’t creative? Think again. Whether we realize it or not, God designed each one of us with the ability to create. Time and again in Scripture God affirms His desire that we explore, enjoy, and echo the infinite galaxies of His heart.

A photo of colored pencils sitting in a wooden pencil holder.

Coloring with Colored Pencils or Markers?

FacebookGoogleTwitterPinterestOne of the keys to enjoying adult coloring is discovering your set of personal preferences. Do you prefer coloring geometric patterns or organic shapes? Would you rather color simple illustrations or intricate designs? When starting a new coloring hobby, let’s ask, “Should I use colored pencils or markers?” 

A coloring page made in a floral design.

More Than Coloring: The Short & Long Term Benefits of Coloring As An Adult

FacebookGoogleTwitterPinterestLike most “overnight successes”, adult coloring books have been around for years, with examples of the genre first appearing around 2012. Since that time, adult coloring books have transitioned from a niche hobby to mainstream passion. These days it’s surprising to see a bestseller list without an adult coloring book. So what’s the fascination?